WordPress from scratch

This post describes all the basic steps  needed for setting up WordPress website and some tips for a basic configuration!

This post is a work in progress, I will update till I think it’s finished..


This preparation is for a self hosted environment and for hosting providers that do not support a ‘one click’ wordpress installation, or if you which to be more in control of your installation.

  • Download WordPress from wordpress.org
  • Create a database  from you hosting admin panel
  • Make sure you have ftp access to the location your files will be hosted

Basic technical installation

  • Connect to you website using FTP, I use Filezilla
  • Upload the unzipped wordpress installation to the root of you website.
  • Open the webbrowser and enter the domain of you website.
    a wizard will start. Fill out the requested fields and select next. That’s basically it.

Tip: check file permissions on wp-config.php in the root of you installation. This should be set to 400

Basic settings

  • Go to Settings / Permalinks and choos anything but the default. I use the Custom with this value  %category%/%postname%/ this is important for SEO purposes
  • Choose Theme and / or adjust appearance.
  • Delete example pages, posts and comments

Essential plugins:

Below some of the plugins that most of my site (will) have.

  • All in one Favicon: Set your sites browser icon
  • Jetpack: Plugin form wordpress to connect to WordPress.com for lots of features
    Note: Jetpack Site Icon feature! (NEW)
  • SEO Plugins
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