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Pagina-kan-niet-worden-weergegeven page cannot be displayed (dutch)

Page cannot be displayed in Internet Explorer and Safari

Pagina-kan-niet-worden-weergegeven page cannot be displayed (dutch)I’m not sure whether it was caused by my recent upgrade from WordPress 3.9.x to 4.1, but I noticed a considerable drop in sales the day after the upgrade. After checking my website on my iPad I noticed I got the message “Page cannot be displayed” or actually since it’s a dutch website “Deze pagina kan niet worden weergegeven”.

Testing the WordPress upgrade

Since several components of my site were outdated I set-up an testing environment which is running with another hoster. I tested the website after updating a couple of plugins (17 updates were needed). Most did not cause any problems but most important was the woocommerce 2.2 update, and the update of my export tool (Store Exporter) since this is what I need for running my shop.  Continue reading Page cannot be displayed in Internet Explorer and Safari

Wordpress stuck in Maintenance Mode

WordPress stuck in maintenance mode

Wordpress stuck in Maintenance ModeWhile updating some pluging or wordpress itself, wordpress is set into maintenance mode so users cannot visit the site during the update. It happened to me several times that I started an update which did not finish correct. After trying to access wordpress (even Admin) this is not possible due to the maintenance mode. Continue reading WordPress stuck in maintenance mode

Duplicate Wordpress-menu

WordPress Plugin: Duplicate Menu

Duplicate WordPress-menuAs I was testing some new themes I needed to change my main menu to 2 smaller menus. Since I wanted to refer back to my original them I did not want to edit my existing menu.

Creating 2 new menus from scratch (+/- 20 menu items) would cost quite some time. Evenually I found this small plugin and it is perfect for the job. Just install, activate and you can copy you existing menu to a new one which you then can edit to your needs.

Great small plugin, saved me a lot of time.

Exporting Browser history (Chrome)

Once a month I need to administer hours I spend on my business. I try to put most activities in my agenda but as I often browse and read up online it is for me also usefull to have a look at my browsing history. Although chrome does provide a browser history it is not very user friendly. Going back sevevaral weeks is a pain in the ass. Plus, sometimes I like to delete my history or reinstall my computer for example. Continue reading Exporting Browser history (Chrome)


Kento Latest Tabs

Kento-Latest-tabKento Latest Tabs is a nice little plugin which combines most popular and latest posts in one widget along with recent comments. Looks nice ands saves space in the widgets bar.


WP External Links – Open links in a new window or tab

External-LinksOfcourse once you have visitors on your site you want to keep them on your site. This can be done by editing each link and tick the check-box ‘open in new window’, or use this plug in and control how your links behave in one central place



Wordpress Twenty Thirteen

Colored Twenty Thirteen WordPress Child theme

Wordpress Twenty ThirteenUnfortunately default wordpress themes do not come with fancy color pickers to adjust colors. Adjusting theme colors need to be done in the .css files.

Want a head start, try this site. It has some ‘pre colored’ twenty thirteen child times ready to use! -> twenty-thirteen-make-it-yours


WordPress Jetpack

Jetpack by

WordPress JetpackThis is a great plugin which connects your self hosted wordpress site to several features of!

It’s a must have! After reading more details below it you know why Continue reading Jetpack by


What is the best way to set your wordpress favicon?

Mnemonic4me-Wordpress-FaviconI tried several way of setting the wordpress favicon, and although jetpack is offering support, this is not always the best solution.

Even Yoast Seo plugin is offering a wordpress favicon option as this will do the job to me it’s not good enough! Continue reading What is the best way to set your wordpress favicon?

WordPress Favicon

The ‘WordPress’ way of adding a favicon to your wordpress site is to upload the favicon.ico (16×16 pixel jpg, gif or pgn) to the current theme main folder and the main directory of your site using ftp.

This methode works well for internet explorer but somehow my recent version of chrome does not show the favicon.

On the wordpress site they state that this is the case in some ‘older browsers’.. strange.

To fix that you can add some code to the header file, check the source (didn’t workout for me however)

Best tip: Forget all of the above!

Just use this plugin: All in one Favicon, it works (still) great, you can even specify seperate favicons for front and back end!  Install plugin and upload the image you like and your done.