Exporting Browser history (Chrome)

Once a month I need to administer hours I spend on my business. I try to put most activities in my agenda but as I often browse and read up online it is for me also usefull to have a look at my browsing history. Although chrome does provide a browser history it is not very user friendly. Going back sevevaral weeks is a pain in the ass. Plus, sometimes I like to delete my history or reinstall my computer for example.

I found this tool which is free and does the job pretty well: Nirsoft Chrome History View, it let’s you view and export to several formats (also csv for excel). It does not need to be install, just download extract and you’re ready to go.

I use it to check what i’ve been up to, whether it was private browsing or it was business browsing but ofcourse there are several applications for this tool.

ps. Nirsoft has simular tools for other browsers as well!

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