Finding the right webfont using a webfont preview

wordpress-webfontsWebfonts are great! With a new WordPress theme I’m setting up a lot of webfonts are predefined, 661 to be exact! So if you don’t know which exact font you need / want it’s hard to find the right font when there is no preview available, which in no theme I’m currently working with is the case (are there any?). 

Webfont preview

As my ‘designer’ did not like the font I was using (first font I kind of liked and gave up trying the rest). So I sent him the list of fonts, I though maybe he ‘recognized’ some font names.. But since he didn’t he started googling.. an ended up with this amzing site:


It is really a great site for browsing the fonts with a preview. I think it’s the whole list of webfonts. Give it a try, it’s great!

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