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Jetpack by WordPress.com

WordPress JetpackThis is a great plugin which connects your self hosted wordpress site to several features of wordpress.com!

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What is the best way to set your wordpress favicon?

Mnemonic4me-Wordpress-FaviconI tried several way of setting the wordpress favicon, and although wordpress.com jetpack is offering support, this is not always the best solution.

Even Yoast Seo plugin is offering a wordpress favicon option as this will do the job to me it’s not good enough! Continue reading What is the best way to set your wordpress favicon?

WordPress Favicon

The ‘WordPress’ way of adding a favicon to your wordpress site is to upload the favicon.ico (16×16 pixel jpg, gif or pgn) to the current theme main folder and the main directory of your site using ftp.

This methode works well for internet explorer but somehow my recent version of chrome does not show the favicon.

On the wordpress site they state that this is the case in some ‘older browsers’.. strange.

To fix that you can add some code to the header file, check the source (didn’t workout for me however)

Best tip: Forget all of the above!

Just use this plugin: All in one Favicon, it works (still) great, you can even specify seperate favicons for front and back end!  Install plugin and upload the image you like and your done.

WordPress Favicon in Graphene theme

You can specify the url to your favicon in Graphene Options > Display > Miscellaneous options.

Note: this will only add the favicon to the main site, somehow this is note shown in when you’re in the admin pages. Which I think is annoying but for the site users this works fine.

WordPress from scratch

This post describes all the basic steps  needed for setting up WordPress website and some tips for a basic configuration!

This post is a work in progress, I will update till I think it’s finished..

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